A 2 Day Evolutionary Experience

Transform your life and step in to your personal leadership

Join us for a 2 Day
Evolutionary Experience


transform your life in the following ways…

So you can TAKE ACTION on creating the results you desire in your life!

It’s time to step into our
personal leadership

“We are the gateway for change and the gateway to our own evolution”

The truth is the world is shifting and changing at a rate we have never seen before and In order to adapt to these changes we need to evolve…

Evolve ourselves, evolve our businesses and organisations so that we can become the living example of what is possible when we come together to make change.

We are living in a world with so much chaos and confusion , so much pain and fear yet at the same time there has never been such a big window of opportunity for us to to create a positive change in this world...

We are just awakening to our abilities, we are realising" our power to create our own reality and remembering that we are collectively co-creating this world together.

So imagine how powerful it would be to collectively create a world that is full of love, joy, peace and abundance?

The magnitude that we can create fear is the magnitude we can create love.

If we were all to awaken and remember that we are actually co-creating this experience together wouldn't we choose a different one? Wouldn't we choose to create a reality that allowed us to be more empowered, one that allowed us to have more love, more peace, more joy and more abundance.

We are the key holders, we are the future dreamers, the ones with the wisdom, the hidden codes,

We hold the key to our personal evolution!

So let us dream together,

Let us remember that we are the ones dreaming and creating this reality together right now.

The thoughts that we are thinking in this very moment are creating our reality right now.

Our beliefs and what we believe to be true is creating our reality right now because our beliefs control and limit what is possible.

So imagine if we were to shift these limiting beliefs and change our behaviours imagine what type of future we could create for ourselves and others?


You have just forgotten but now you are remembering...and if you have read this far then there is a part of you that knows you are ready to shift and change your life, you are ready to be happy, to be free and you are ready to create something amazing…

But don’t worry you are not on this path alone…

who are walking this path with you..

Jeffrey Slayter is a Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, Philanthropist, Thought Leader, Social Entrepreneur and Producer.

He provides the next wave of visionary leaders with the connections, tools, platforms, consultations, trainings, knowledge and resources to accelerate their visions and businesses, as vehicles to bring humanity together. In the background.

Jeffrey also builds and supports international businesses, to support humanity in the industries of human development, education, conscious media productions.

Niamh Cronin is a rebel at heart, a future dreamer, a world-bridger who has a vision to create more freedom and love in this world by empowering the next wave of conscious leaders to evolve and share their authentic message.

She empowers them to evolve their brand and their business to embody their authentic expression. She’s a fun, cheeky Irish Lass who is not afraid to share a message of truth!

Niamh infuses her expertise in sales and marketing with her deep inner wisdom so that she is the gateway for the evolving leaders and empowers them to bridge both worlds!

We are walking this path with you

We are on this journey together.

We realise to truly lead, we need to lead from within, and walk this path with others side by side, To share our own learnings, our own knowledge and wisdom and to cheer each other on.

After a combined effort of coaching and leading trainings and events over 11 years in over 13 different countries we were both contemplating giving up, because we realised we couldn't do it alone anymore. We realised that to evolve we need to come together, we need to create a space where we can truly evolve and grow, where we could transcend our own limiting beliefs, cultural programming and truly step into our power. A space where we can support and guide each other in unlocking our true potential.

So why did we create this event?

We created this event because we were out-growing the mainstream transformational tools and spiritual teachings, we were searching for something more, something deeper within ourselves, something which we could only find by going within.

We wanted to create a space to allow ourselves and others the freedom to explore new ideas and beliefs, to expand our awareness, to express our own gifts and evolve and step into our personal leadership so we can begin taking action and creating results in our lives, our businesses and start creating change in this world.

so we created it!

Join us to be part of this experience

but wait! there’s more!

( We’re not just saying this there really is more)

We will be giving away

of prizes in transformational trainings

We don't like to think of this as just another event or workshop, trust us after leading for many years we wanted to create something new

this is an experience…

This is an opportunity for you to potentially shift and change your life, your business forever, but only if you are ready!

Are you ready to make the leap of faith and commit

to taking responsibility for your own life and the choices you make?

Because we always have a choice…

Are you ready To Live now?

To be powerful now?

To change now?

Choose to be part of something new

We are kicking off the Gateway Tour in Australia and we are coming to you

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So heres the part where you normally see countless testimonials to share with you how wonderful this event will be! But we know that if you are meant to be at this event, you will do anything to make it happen.

It’s a newer event and this means we are looking for more incredible stories of lives being touched will you be one?

What we do have however is some kind words about some of our other events and people we have worked with

Come and Join us for a 2 Day Experience you will never forget!